Start A Fund

Opening and maintaining a fund at NFCF is simple and flexible. We provide all administrative services related to the fund, including tax documentation, record keeping of all fund activity and investments and grant distributions to charities.

By creating a fund at NFCF, you can direct your money to a specific cause, get involved in grant making decisions, honor the memory of a loved one or create a legacy of giving for your children. We respect and support your vision, and can help you create funds that achieve your charitable goals while maximizing tax benefits.

Opening a fund:
1.You and your professional advisor decide which fund options are the best fit.
2.Complete a simple new fund worksheet. If it is a donor advised fund, you name the current fund advisors and also may name successor advisors, such as children.
3.Make your initial gift using cash, stock or other assets.

Give Your Kids Something To Take Care of Leave A Legacy



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