Education Fund

Sponsors and promotes high impact learning opportunities for the greater New Fairfield area.

The New Fairfield Community Foundation welcomes any individual, organizations or student clubs who wish to raise money for the Education Fund.

Mission Statement:

        The education fund is committed to promoting and enhancing educational excellence in our schools, by actively seeking private, community and business support and financial resources. This is an endowment fund to directly support the New Fairfield and greater New Fairfield, CT schools. It's purpose is to pursue funding from the private, community and business sectors for educational initiatives that will challenge our children, promote creativity and resourcefulness, and extend beyond what is conventionally possible due to restraints of time, money, or facilities.


      1. To provide opportunities for students outside of the school day
          or year.
      2. To provide supplemental resources for the schools.
      3. To provide grant opportunities that would facilitate innovative and
          challenging projects.
      4. To broaden the scope of the districts educational offerings.
      5. To promote diversity and appreciation of individual differences.
      6. To raise awareness about the alliance and it's mission.

Grant to Fairfield School

Grant to Fairfield School
“Grant to the New Fairfield Schools”
Dana Wireless System  $14,000



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