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The Lisa Whaley, Solid Foundation for Youth Fund

Lisa Whaley

Lisa Whaley, a New Fairfield resident and author of Reclaiming My Soul from The Lost and Found, recently launched The Lisa Whaley Solid Foundation Fund for Youth under the New Fairfield Community Foundation, a non profit organization.

Whaley felt driven to start the fund after dealing with many challenges with her own teenage daughter which she details in her book. “The youth of today are all at risk. It doesn’t matter what kind of family they come from, what their race is, or even if they are a good student or a poor one. We live in a society where with just the click of a mouse, kids have more information available than ever before. The pressures to fit in are greater than ever. I want to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed, academically, socially and culturally,” Whaley stated.

The purpose of the fund is to ensure that community programs designed specifically to assist youth, such as mentoring programs, don’t fall apart for lack of funding. Whaley herself has been a mentor for six years to Kerry Ann Johnson, a Danbury resident who is a senior at WestConn and plans to attend Law school at Yale or Columbia. Whaley has committed to donate a portion of her book proceeds and fees from speaking engagements to the fund. “I’ve been tremendously blessed in my life and after surviving my own perfect storm of life recently, I wanted to find a way to give back to the community,” Whaley says.

In Reclaiming My Soul from the Lost and Found, Whaley details the events that were taking place behind the scenes in her personal life as she climbed the corporate ladder to a Vice President position at IBM. She gives readers a very honest and candid view of her perspective as a woman, trying to have it all and at the same time, practically losing everything in the process – her daughter, her marriage and her life. Whaley states she faltered when she ignored her core values and allowed the boundaries between work and life to become blurred. She also strayed from her spiritual beliefs, forgetting about the strong spiritual foundation that she had been raised with. “I am so grounded now and am trying to have a well-lived life with Christ at the center.”

Whaley left IBM in April and started her own company, Life Work Synergy, LLC. Her company’s mission is to help individuals find realistic solutions to finding synergy and harmony between their professional, personal and spiritual lives. These days she stays busy out on the speaking circuit speaking at major corporations, Universities and Churches. She also provides executive and life coaching to individuals and corporations as well as running workshops. She teaches, motivates and inspires others to reach new levels of achievement while maintaining a well-lived life. “When someone tells me that I’ve made such a difference in their life, and I watch them achieve goals they never thought possible, to me, that’s priceless.”

Donations to the fund are tax deductible. Anyone donating $100 or more will receive a complimentary autographed copy of Whaley’s book. Donations can made online or be mailed to:

The New Fairfield Community Foundation
1 Brush Hollow Road, Suite 307
New Fairfield, CT 06812
Checks should be made payable to:
The Foundation for Youth Fund NFCF

Visit Lisa Whaley at her web site:



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