Your Gift, Your Way

Your gift matters to YOU and to YOUR community. Now there’s a way to make it really count. Your personal goals matter, too. We endeavor to serve your needs as we support programs that benefit your community. Whether you seek an active hand in distribution or wish to give anonymously, rest assured that all gifts receive the same dedicated care and management. In recognition of unique needs, NFCF offers the following:

A Memorial Fund can be established immediately to remember and honor someone who is special and loved. A memorial fund receives an immediate charitable income deduction when opened by you and can receive gifts from other individuals and business donors. These fund can be structured as donor advised, field of interest, scholarship or designated funds

A Donor-Advised Fund provides the greatest flexibility for grantmaking. You stay involved by recommending grants to charitable organizations of your choice, and leave the administrative burden to us. The Foundation ensures the charitable status of beneficiaries and provides additional grantmaking support.

A Field-of Interest Fund allows you to address a cause or issue without restriction of naming specific organizations. You decide the purpose of the fund, such as meeting the needs of children or promoting the arts, and the Foundation identifies projects that effectively accomplish your goal over time.

An Unrestricted/Discretionary Fund is the broadest option for you. An unrestricted fund allows New Fairfield Community Foundation to identify needs and opportunities in the community as they may change over time, and target your dollars where most effective.

A Designated Fund is established if you wish specify a particular charitable agency or organization to receive the proceeds of your fund.

A Scholarship Fund is established to help deserving students pursue educational opportunities or to memorialize a loved one. We offer two types of scholarship funds: pass-through (raised & given one time) and endowed (permanently established, fixed amount or interest only, given annually).

When did you last believe you could effect real change – Make a positive difference in your community.


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